5 Netflix movies one must definitely watch

Netflix is fulfilled with an enormous number of films and programs one has ever imagined. The service’s collection is able to satisfy any customer, even with the most sophisticated tastes. There are comedies, dramas, love stories, horror films and a lot of other genres available on Netflix. It is sure that one needs to spend long days and nights to be able to watch as much content as possible. You might be interested how long it will take, but it is obvious that plenty and plenty of time.

Modern people are pretty busy as they have to be engaged in various activities, and they have no time for scanning a huge list with Netflix movies in order to choose the one to stream. If you are one of these ‘’busy bees’’, you definitely should keep on reading.

What's on Netflix now? We have released you from unnecessary waste of precious time and selected 5 Netflix films one must really watch. The list will include 5 different genres to fill each day with unforgettable feelings.

For those who like dramas:


It is an exciting story about an Indian boy who gets lost in Calcutta, which is far away from his Motherland. He survives and finds home in Australia. 25 years later, comes back home and … Get interested? The drama is really worth watching!

It is high time for cartoons:


It is an amazing cartoon to watch in a family circle. This Oscar-nominated story is based on Polynesian myths and tells about Moana’s trip across the Pacific Ocean. Want to know the details? Then find it on Netflix and get pleasure with your darling family!

Why not watch a decent comedy?

‘’St. Vincent’’

Once you are crazy about comedies, ‘’St. Vincent’’ a must-watch for you.  It is about an unusual friendship of a boy, whose parents have divorced, and a war veteran living in the neighborhood. The film will leave only positive memories after watching it. Enjoy it!

A gripping drama again:


This war drama, in which Keira Knightly successfully starred, will attract you with its excellent profound plot and perfect acting. Haven’t you enjoyed it? What are you waiting for? Spend a great evening watching the film.

Crazy about mysterious science-fiction films?

 ‘’What happened to Monday’’

Being one of the new Netflix original releases, this science fiction thriller has become one of the Netflix favourites. The film is about seven sisters who live in future with its severe one-child regulations. One of the sisters gets lost, and they will try to find her….

For sure, it is up to you which of them to choose, but be confident that they really worth seeing. Any of these 5 motion pictures have something remarkable and unique which makes viewers watch them not once.

If you have your own favourites on Netflix and would like to share your ideas with, let us know. Don’t hesitate to contact us! Thanks for following us!

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