Netflix apps for iOS that you really must know about

Netflix gives great opportunities for movie-lovers to take pleasure in watching their favourite episodes of TV series or recently added movies. In case you are a lucky owner of iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you will join a huge number of Netflix subscribers. You might be wondering how you can do it. Don’t worry, because we are here to assist you in it.

First of all, you need to know that you may enjoy Netflix through a special app developed by Netflix Inc. Why to use an app for Netflix? It is quite simple to answer the question. Having installed an app for Netflix, it would be much easier to get access to your personal Netflix account and watch your favourite TV-series than to use it directly from your browser, which is really time-consuming.

Before you download Netflix and set up it on your iPhone, IPad or iPod, check whether your device has all the necessary features for the application:

If your iOS version is 9.0 and later, then it’s ok. If it is older, the app will not run on it.

It should be notified that Netflix app is feasible in all regions where the service is available for the subscribers.

How does Netflix app for iOS work?

Any Netflix subscriber can choose a film or show from the list which is divided into sections, such as for kids, popular, adventures and others. You just need to enter one of the sections and find a desired movie. Alternatively, one may take advantage of a search option, but it is necessary to know the exact title of the content you are going to watch on Netflix. The app will search for the required film in the collection, and you will be able to take pleasure in streaming it. Moreover, there is a special section provided where you can view what you have been watching earlier. In such a case, you are able to proceed streaming from the point where stopped.

Where can I download Netflix app for iOS?

Those who take use of iPhones, iPads or iPods may find Netflix app on App store. They just need to visit the website and search for it there.

How to set up Netflix for iOS?

Follow this step-by-step instruction and you will enjoy Netflix on iOS devices.

You will have to go and open App store. Next, search for Netflix (it should be by Netflix Inc.) and download it. Finally, after installing you need to sign in the system by entering your login and password. You are ready to stream Netflix shows and movies!

You also must be aware of Fast Speed Test application which allows the customers of the devices working on iOS to testify how fast internet connecting is. It can be downloaded from App store and runs on iPhones and iPads.

Thus, you can visit Netflix and watch its latest content from any place on your iOS device, but don’t forget to care about being protected online while watching Netflix. Try to perform safe encrypted connecting to the web via Virtual Private Network. By the way, it may also extend your Netflix as you will be able to bypass virtual geo-borders.

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