5 really awesome apps for Netflix compatible with Android (2017)

5 really awesome apps for Netflix compatible with Android (2017)

As you have already known, one may enjoy Netflix not only from the computer’s web browser, but also using a smartphone with an Android operating system. It is pretty convenient as you are able to enjoy the latest episode of your favourite series while going to work, isn’t it?

Moreover, there are a few additional Netflix apps compatible with Android that would equally beneficial for Netflix users. Here and now, we are going to tell you about 5 useful Netflix apps for Android you must really know about.

We don’t rank them and they will be described randomly. Our aim is to introduce these Netflix apps for you to know how you can take advantage of Netflix on your Android.

First and foremost, you should have one of the following apps to easily get Netflix from your Android.

Let’s have a look at them:


This app is the most frequently downloaded for installing on Androids. Having obtained a subscription on Netflix website, it is possible to set up the app and access Netflix content to watch films and television shows directly on your smatphone. One just needs to log in this Netflix app, and he or she will be able to access any Netflix content from anywhere on the phone. What can you do with Netflix app?

You can:

-stream Netflix films on Android anywhere you want;

-search for films and watch them immediately;

-rate you favourites for suggesting the most suitable title further;

-start watching on one gadget and finish on another.

There are two more Android apps for Netflix that provide you with similar opportunities, such as browsing the video-content, adding to the list and ranking of the films you watch. You may also take use of Netflix VR and Netflix for streaming films on your phone.

To take enjoyment in streaming Netflix you need to have fast internet connections available. If you are not satisfied with the quality of connecting to the network, you may evaluate another Netflix app for Android which has been developed for testing internet speeds. Fast Speed Test with its modern minimalistic design is easy to understand and navigate for any average user.

Another very useful Android app for Netflix is What’s on Netflix Guide which will provide you with a catalogue to easily find a film to watch on Netflix. It should be noted that the app is not associated with Netflix Inc., and all the recommendations are the developers’ opinions.

If you install the application, you may:

  • see recently added films on Netflix for a certain period of time;
  • search where there are shows you’d like to watch on Netflix;
  • find the information about the films, trailers and gallery; compare the regions of Netflix.

What’s on Netflix Guide requires 4.1 and upper Android versions that s why check if your Android meets the requirements before you download it.

Our recommendation: if you decide to download one of the apps, be sure that you have a secure internet connection. As the Internet is full of hackers lurking for victim, you may use a VPN service to enable protection of the traffic transferred on the virtual space. Stay safe online!

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