Beginner’s Guide to Netflix: Basic Things One Must Know

Netflix services are becoming more and more popular at present. It has extended its borders far more than within the United States of America, and now Netflix is accessible not only in North America, but also in South America, Europe and even in Australia. Among those countries which can’t take use of Netflix are China and North Korea, which is determined with their local censorship.

Despite the fact that Netflix is now get-at-able in a huge number of countries all over the world (approximately 190 of them), it does not mean that every Netflix subscriber is able to access the whole collection of its video-content. We are talking about the following: the one who lives in the UK or Canada, for example, can watch only those films and shows that are accessible for the local version of Netflix for this region. So, when traveling to another location you will be able to access Netflix for this territory, not that you usually use in your country. Why? It is quite simple. You will get connected to the Internet with a local IP address, consequently other Netflix versions will be blocked for you.

We understand that you have plenty of questions about Netflix and need some tips to be well-informed about this service. This beginner’s guide to Netflix hacks will answer all the questions you have ever asked about the service. Here we go!

What are Netflix subscription plans?

The company offers three plans: Basic, Standard and Premium.

Basic plan – it will cost you 7.99 dollars per month. It includes unlimited watching of films and TV programmes. You are able to stream on any suitable device, but only one can be used from the account.

Standard plan - the price for the plan is 9.99 dollars. It is slightly different from Basic as HD is available and 2 devices can be used simultaneously.

Premium plan - it seems to be the most beneficial as contains all the offered features. Subscribers are to pay 11.99 dollars. One can watch Netflix video-content on 4 screens at the same time.

It should be mentioned that all three plans imply 1-month free trial, and any follower has a possibility to cancel the plan at any time.

How can you subscribe for Netflix?

If you decide to join Netflix and obtain its membership you should follow these simple steps below:

  • Visit Netflix official website on the Internet.
  • Decide which of three plans you are going to subscribe for.
  • Create an account of your own by entering your e-mail and password.
  • You will start with a 30-day free trial for Netflix.
  • You are ready to enjoy Netflix library.

What devices can I use to watch Netflix movies?

It is pretty convenient that Netflix can be used on various devices developed by our days. The simplest way to enjoy Netflix is to use one of the web browsers and open Netflix official website. Moreover, it is quite possible to download Netflix apps for your gadget.

One can watch Netflix films and television shows on the following devices:

  • Personal computers, laptops, phones and tablets that run on Android, iOS, Windows;
  • Gaming consoles;
  • Smart TV;
  • Streaming Media Players.

One can easily download Android and iOS applications for Netflix on Google Play and App Store for free. Without any doubt, you may choose the best way or a few of them to view Netflix content among the following devices. It will depend on the device you have, of course, and the time you usually want to enjoy Netflix. If you are interested what Netflix apps are available for Android, Windows and iOS, read our recent posts on the topic.

How can I choose on Netflix?

Firstly, you can simply browse the whole Netflix library from the beginning up to the end, but it will take pretty much time as there are thousands of films available in the collection.

Secondly, one of the more comfortable and reasonable alternatives will be a search option if you know exactly the title of the movie or show you are going to watch.

Thirdly, it is possible to search by genre. If you stick to a certain one, you can find a target title using a genre list.

Finally, there are various third-party websites that help to search content. You may try JustWatch, for instance. It applies great filter like restricting to the year of release and others.

Useful hacks to know about Netflix

We’d like to present a few hacks for you to take even more benefits with Netflix. Have a look at them:

Several profiles

One may have up to five profiles for one account. The watchlist and the rating differ for various profiles as they are based on different tastes.

Take use of  subtitles

All Netflix content has English subtitles, and some of the films are with subtitles in other languages, too. You may change them if you don’t like them or want to view the others.

Offline watching

If you take use of Netflix on Windows 10, Android or iOS applications for Netflix, you can watch a film later without internet connection.

Unblock Netflix with a VPN abroad

Once you travel to another country and want to keep enjoying your favourite Netflix show from there, (but it is restricted for viewing on that territory), you may be able to bypass geo-restrictions connecting via VPN. Still, they say it does not guarantee a 100% result, but you may probably try.

Netflix recommends you what to stream

Netflix has access to the biggest database of users’ preferences as the number of its subscribers is constantly increasing. When you watch movies and shows and rank them, further Netflix suggest you the content you might like in order to make you interested in them and involve you in watching.

Having read the guide, you have learnt about basic things, one should know about before becoming a Netflix subscriber.

If you have still have questions or doubts, feel free to contact us via our contact form on the website. Thanks for visiting us!

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