How to Stream More Netflix Content Guide for 2017

Netflix lures internet users with its massive library of movies and television programs. But they say that the content of Netflix collection slightly varies from country to country. US Netflix is considered to be the richest one which makes it the most attempting for the rest of Netflix followers. Why is not US Netflix the same as in other countries? Are there any possible ways to bypass the limitations? These and other questions will be answered in this ultimate guide for Netflix subscribers.

Netflix versions by country are diverse

We think that, first of all, you might be interested why Netflix users can’t view the same content in various countries. It is connected with licensing of films for different territories. If the film producers do not provide it for a certain region, Netflix company can do nothing with it. It would be preferable for Netflix to make its content more or less equal for international subscribers, but it is now impossible because of the licensing. Moreover, there might be a certain difficulty with internet censorship in the countries themselves. Netflix content might be blocked due to severe suppression, which poses challenges for Netflix followers.

Can I unblock Netflix in other countries?

Among all the existing instruments created to avoid geo-restrictions, a VPN service is considered to be still effective for unblocking certain websites, including Netflix. Although, there is a note in Netflix Terms of Service which says that any customer caught with using a VPN service to get Netflix blocked movies for his or her country of residence, no one have been prosecuted for this (at least in official reports).

How does a VPN help to bypass geo-restrictions?

A VPN provider gives its clients access to numerous servers connecting to which is used to hide your real IP address. Once connecting via one of the US servers, you will act in the internet space, as if you were from the USA. It gives you the opportunity to access US Netflix with its hugest storage of movies ever disposable for any country. It should be mentioned that a VPN also encrypts the traffic passed on the network, which makes you more secure and private on the service.

Actually, if one is caught for accessing unlicensed video-material, it would be considered as piracy. In this case, it is recommended to find such a VPN provider that would offer dedicated IPs, rather than shared ones. How are shared IP addresses different from dedicated ones?

Shared IPs are used by a huge number of VPN users at the same period of time, unlike a dedicated IP address is attributed as a unique one.

It won’t be so difficult for Netflix to identify whether a subscriber access through a VPN server or not in case of multiple connecting via the same IP address. Netflix will terminate such activities, and the result is that the followers can’t watch Netflix content they have chosen. Dedicated IP addresses reduce the possibility of being identified on the network.

Are there free VPNs that unblock Netflix?

It is sure that free VPNs do really exist, and some of them help to overcome certain restrictions. But at the same time they are not secure due to a number of weighty arguments.

Firstly, they do not probably ensure you with dedicated IPs which is not reasonable as VPN services (even paid ones) are actively stopped by Netflix.

Secondly, they won’t provide with a certain level of privacy as the majority of them keep users’ logs which can be revealed to third parties.

Can I use proxy to unblock Netflix site?

A few years ago the answer was probably yes, but it is not impossible now as Netflix stops internet connections via proxy sites. Any attempt of accessing Netflix website through proxy will be revealed. The customers would get the following message which says there is a streaming error, and the user might use a proxy server.

That is why another more advanced tool should be found for these purposes. A VPN is still more successful in bypassing geo-restrictions.

What about Tor to access Netflix content blocked in a certain region?

Tor is another service enabling anonymity on the virtual space. Since it needs encrypting and decrypting during the process of routing to the endpoint, it makes streaming much slower which causes buffering and lagging of the video-content. Thus, Tor is not thought to be a suitable toll for unblocking streaming content on Netflix.

3 features that a good VPN for Netflix should possess

It is not a secret that VPN services are blocked by Netflix, and the list of them is being extended nowadays. Fortunately, there are such VPNs that do really work. How to define which VPN is a good one for unblocking Netflix? What are necessary features to stay safe on the Internet?

  • Taking into account everything said above, it is pretty vital that VPN providers would offer dedicated IP addresses. They will make you more confidential and less visible for prying eyes.
  • Good VPNs should also provide a reliable level of data encrypting. The traffic passed via the network needs to be protected against misusing by strange third parties.
  • Sustainable VPNs should keep no-logging policy. It will make you even more defended and private online. You would invisible not only for ISPs, but also for a VPN provider as well.

Let us sum it up:

  1. Netflix library varies for different regions because of film licenses which are not the same for various countries.
  2. Netflix content blocked in other countries can be reached with the help of a VPN, although the instrument does not guarantee a 100%-result. Still, there are certain that work.
  3. Using proxy sites is blocked by Netflix that is why it is not a possible way to enjoy more content on Netflix.
  4. Tor is not suitable as the technology is too slow for streaming services.
  5. A good VPN for Netflix should offer dedicated IPs, strong codifying protocols and no-logging policy.

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