How to Supervise Children’s Viewing Netflix Content

The number of Netflix subscribers is increasing, and almost by the mid of 2017 it has reached the 100 million mark. Among those actually watching Netflix, there is a weighty number of young viewers who might accidentally access unsuitable for their age material.

Netflix catalogue is completely rich of excellent cartoons and shows for kids, but still it contains more films for adults, and children are not expected to view them. It is obvious that young Netflix viewers can’t be under everlasting supervising, but they actually might encounter the content you would never want them to reach.

Such instruments as parental controls and other useful goodies have been created to help adults to control child’s online activity on Netflix. We’ll try to guide you in the issue and find a reasonable solution to protect your son and daughters against unsuitable video-content.

Before we leapfrog directly to parental control on Netflix, let us find out what maturity levels are rated there.

All in all, there are four options to define a desired level of maturity. They are the following:

  • Little kids only
  • Older kids and below
  • Teenagers and below
  • All the levels of maturity

What are maturity levels? How is the video-content rated on Netflix?

The rating is rest upon a region and set up by an organization which works out the standards. In case the content is not defined according to the organization’s standards, Netflix will judge itself using special signs: Kids OK, Netflix Guidance (G), Adult and Unrated.

What do they stand for?

‘’Kids OK’’ sign means that it is allowed to watch for children of 12 years old and under the age.

‘’Netflix guidance’’ implies reading film reviews before determining its appropriateness for children.

‘’Adult’’ content is for those who are 18 and older.

If the film or show is assigned as ‘’unrated’’, that means it has not been officially reviewed neither by Netflix nor by a standards organization.

The ratings are also different in various regions around the world.

Now let us have a look at the process of setting a parental control on Netflix accounts.

Parental controls on Netflix

There are two ways to control what children watch from Netflix account: on the level of profile and on the level of account.

Profile level

One may control viewing from a certain profile, and then one needs to check whether the childs uses the correct one for viewing Netflix. How to do this? Follow the instructions:

On your account, you should choose the option ‘’Manage profiles’’. After that, it is necessary to select a profile for editing. Then define the desired level of maturity (we mentioned about them above). The last step will be to save the settings.

Thus, by means of these easy steps your child will avoid undesired content for viewing, but don’t forget to check whether he or she uses the profile with these settings only!

Note: You may also create separate profiles for each of your kids if you have children of different age categories. This would be perfect in case your children have not encountered any adult content and don’t know about it. The controversial point is with older children as they may easily change the profiles without entering a PIN (keep on reading to know how to set a PIN for parental controls). It is not asked when you change profiles.

Account level

This level is connected with 4-digit PIN that is set for the account. The PIN will be asked when you intend to watch a film beyond the maturity level defined. After entering it, the film will be allowed for watching. Ensure that your child does not know the PIN!

To set a PIN, you need to visit your account and select ‘’Parental controls’’. Then you will be asked to type in the password for Netflix. Next, enter a PIN (it should contain 4 numbers) and select the maturity level. Finally, save everything.

Note: One more thing that should be notified is that it is impossible to limit access to a certain film on Netflix. Nevertheless, one can use restrict viewing of a certain genre with a password.

Monitor what your child watches on Netflix

Adults are also able to track what their kids usually stream online on Netflix. The opportunity would be an additional possibility to prevent children from meeting unsuitable content using the service. They might not want to access any definite film which doesn’t suit his or her maturity level, their intention would be just to watch more cartoons before going to bed, but it is vital for concerned parents to monitor what films their children have been streaming.

Are time limits available on Netflix?

Unfortunately, they do not provide such a pragmatic feature for Netflix subscriber. As an alternative they suggest a few really effective tips for supervising children’s Netflix online activity. The recommendations say the following:

Adults should ensure that kids have signed out of the profile before they go to bed. It is fairly reasonable to change the password to enter the profile for the night time, when you can’t supervise them. Children won’t be able to abuse Netflix watching at night. Early in the morning, you may change the password into the one that was previously (be sure your child does not suspect anything). You may do it every day, although it seems to be rather time-consuming. Nevertheless, it is worth doing.


We hope the guide has been informative enough for you. You are now aware of the instruments offered by Netflix: parental controls and passwords and other additional measures adults may take to supervise kids’ Netflix activity.

It is worth saying that children are said to be the most important treasure in the world, and we are responsible for them. Take care of them!

If you have still have questions or doubts, feel free to contact us via our contact form on the website. Thanks for visiting us!

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