Why Netflix catalogues are different for various countries: up-to-date considerations

Have you ever thought of the following: why not Netflix offer the same content for every country? Why is US Netflix library includes the largest quantity of films, shows and documentaries to watch online? If yes, the post is really for you to read!

Once travelling to one of 190 countries where Netflix is available, you decide to get pleasure in watching another episode of your favourite series, you might be disappointed at not being able to do it. It is widely-known that Netflix subscribers from the UK or France would be able to access slightly different video-library. The amount of content available in the USA is the richest one if comparing with the rest of Netflix regions. Why?

All the differences are based on licenses which are provided by film production companies. Actually, the way how licensing is provided seems to depend on a few factors. Let’s have a look at them:

  • The content will be licensed for the country if it will be popular among the country’s audience.

In various countries they many like different film genres, for instance, Mexican melodramas are not so loved by people in Europe or Canada as they are in Latin America. It seems to be connected with cultural peculiarities. Thus, it will cost an expensive price to license them in the regions where they might be less watched.

  • Certain films are inaccessible in the local language of certain regions.

It would be inconsistent to provide license for such movies or shows as they simply won’t gain huge audience. Otherwise, it will imply loss of profit for the company.

  • The content cost depends on the country.

It would be beneficial to license a film for one country whereas not for another. It deals with specific demands for multiple regions.

As Netflix is tied by licenses, it tends to produce its original films, series or shows, enriching video-content collections for the countries.

Does Netflix work outside my country of residence?

Actually, there are two possible answers to the question. We’ll try to explain in simple words:

Answer 1:

If you intend to travel to that country or region where Netflix is not provided as a streaming service, you will not manage to take advantage of Netflix from your personal account at all.

Answer 2:

In case you have a trip to the country with access to Netflix, you will enter your account, but you will fail to view the version of Netflix you get used to. The local Netflix catalogue will be available for watching from your personal subscription account. (You know now that the licensed movies will differ from your country).

In the nutshell:

  • We have considered why Netflix varies from region to region. It is connected. At least, with three possible licensing factors.
  • We have explained whether Netflix is available or unavailable when traveling abroad.

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