Netflix vs. Hulu: Which is Better?

Up-to-date streaming services have presented great opportunities for netizens to ‘’dip into’’ the amazing world of films online from everywhere they would desire. Among the endless number of companies offering services of this kind, Netflix and Hulu can be called streaming ‘’giants’’ on the market.

Why are they in mainstream now? Which one is the best: Hulu or Netflix? What are pros and cons of each of them? These and other questions concern us today (and… we are sure that our followers have thought of it, at least once).

Netflix vs. Hulu: common features

Both, Hulu and Netflix, streaming services, consequently they do have something in common. What is particularly?

  • The services’ video-content can be easily viewed online on almost every Internet-enabled device (though, some Hulu films are not available for TV-sets and mobile phones.
  • Both of them suggest parental controls for access restriction.
  • One can stream as much content as he or she desires for monthly payment.
  • Netflix and Hulu provide streaming without ads for their subscriber.

Netflix vs. Hulu: differences

Still, Hulu and Netflix do differ from each other as each of two services try to do their best and attract more followers.

Tariff prices

As far Netflix is concerned, its pricing ranges from 8 to 12 US dollars and depends, primarily, on the number of simultaneously-used devices and availability of HD viewing.

Hulu offer slightly different from Netflix tariff plans, but the price seems to be almost the same: 8 dollars in average. If someone would desire to view more channels together with a regular catalogue, he or she is to pay nearly 40 dollars.

Video content

One can’t count exactly how many titles Netflix or Hulu contain as it is constantly changing and updating. But here is what some figures say:

According to Afflicks, Netflix contains more than 5000 titles at all. (The number has the tendency to decrease as Netflix aims at keeping more content of their original production.

As JustWatch states there are almost 2500 thousand titles in total. As far as Hulu’s preferences are concerned, they are trying to access the latest releases as soon as possible.

Free trial

Hulu and Netflix have thought about their clients and suggest free periods for testing the service. Hulu gives 30 days (for a regular streaming plan) and 7 days for Hulu with LifeTV, while Netflix presents a month to stream with Netflix for free (That is a big deal, as well!). Once you subscribe for either Netflix or Hulu, you may use it free of charge. After the free trial ends, don’t forget to cancel if you won’t wish to continue.

So… It is sure that we can’t decide instead of you which is better for you, but you may take into account all the mentioned above and define the choice of you. (As far as our team is concerned, we would prefer Netflix).

If you have questions or doubts, feel free to contact us via our contact form on the website. Thanks for visiting us!


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