We think that there are few people in the world who have never heard about This website has become well-known among netizens from all over the world. People appreciate Reddit for its users’ honest opinions.

Today security and privacy on the Internet is an extremely popular topic. Not surprisingly that Reddit users often observe this issue on the website. Some people find discussions on Reddit more useful than reading reviews. And they are true, you’ll hardly find an unfair comment on PIA VPN, for example, as nobody is interested in it on Reddit.

Today we want to cover the best VPNs that work with Netflix well according to Reddit. First, let’s figure out is it legal to use a VPN with Netflix?

Is a VPN with Netflix legal?

It is an open secret that a huge number of people worldwide use VPNs to unblock restricted content from their countries. However, is it illegal?

Luckily, the answer is – No. A VPN is a completely lawful technology. There are, of course, a lot of countries where governments try to ban VPNs. However, even in these locations, a VPN is legal and many of providers are available even in non-democratic countries.

How to choose a VPN for Netflix

OK, we’ve found out that using a VPN for Netflix is legal for all countries. But do you know what features a trustworthy VPN should have? Let’s see what Reddit users think.

While reading comments on, we’ve found out that users appreciate the following qualities of a VPN:

Speeds. Of course, speeds matter a lot if you are going to use a VPN with Netflix. This streaming service has become the most favorite pastime for millions of people worldwide. They enjoy the content there and want to get access to all TV shows. It is not a secret that to have a stable connection and fast loading, you need a VPN which can provide you with high speeds.

Reliability and security. The main purpose of any trustworthy VPN is to make your Internet connection safe and anonymous. Reddit users pay attention to a no logs policy. The bottom line is that we entrust our sensitive data to a VPN provider while using Netflix or just surfing the Net. That’s why it’s crucial to use a VPN that doesn’t keep any logs. Other vital features are military-grade encryption and robust protocols.

Servers. Bear in mind that servers in the USA are the number one thing a VPN for Netflix should have, they are also to be fast and reliable. Hopefully, the market can offer a great number of VPN providers with a wide range of servers all around the world.

Free VPN for Netflix

If you want to find a good free VPN, Reddit users might help you.

We’ve read a bunch of comments on and found out that Reddit users distaste using a free VPN. Here are their main arguments against free providers:

Shady activities. The majority of Reddit users suspect free providers. They consider that free VPNs are able to sell their users data and make money in such a manner.

We have surfed the Internet in order to find some proves to these statements. The truth is despite the primary goal of any VPN provider is to ensure Internet safety of a user, a lot of VPNs not only fail to protect customers’ data but also track their online activities. Of course, free VPN providers are much more likely to use third-party trackers in their software. It means that some VPNs can do more harm to you that bring benefits.

However, third-party trackers are not the only reason why free VPNs are dangerous. It was stunning news for us to know that a lot of VPN providers contain malware. It can be presented directly in a VPN app. Needless to say how risky to use such kind of VPNs. They are just made to compromise users’ security.

VPN providers that are based in countries with strict censorship cannot be ignored as well. Just think about how unreliable can be a VPN that is owned by the company in a country with censorship. As a rule, they have to pass the information of VPN users to the government. Is it exactly what you are looking for?

Now it seems clear why a free VPN and Reddit users cannot coexist. People on Reddit are aware of possible threats and harms a free VPN can bring to them, they are interested in hiding their sensitive information from third parties and take their privacy and security seriously.

We also recommend you to read users’ experience and experts’ opinions on this or that VPN. Pay attention to what logs a VPN keeps, what is its jurisdiction and what encryption method your provider uses.

Low speeds. We have already mentioned that speeds are crucial while using a VPN for Netflix. People watch TV shows to relax after busy work days or in their free time. Nobody wants to wait until a favorite show loads. Nevertheless, free VPNs are not able to provide its customers with fast servers.

While reading Reddit we noticed that Reddit users pay great attention to speed. It is not a surprise. Speaking about a VPN for Netflix, speeds become the number one factor. But can a free VPN provide its users with appropriate speeds? Hardly it is.

It is clear that every VPN provider needs money to operate. Servers with the help of which users’ data is hidden are not cheap. Fast servers are quite expensive. That is another reason why Reddit users recommend using paid providers. As a rule, the fast speed of their servers can be explained by wide server parks. It is not a secret that the more servers a VPN owns the faster are the speeds. The servers are not overloaded and a customer has the opportunity to choose between several of them and find one with lightning speeds.

Ads and pop-ups. Intrusive ads push netizens to avoid free VPNs. Numerous pop-ups make watching shows impossible and not so pleasant. Many Reddit users prefer to pay for the service rather than be distracted by endless advertising.

However, ads in free VPNs are not only something irritating and undesired, in many cases, it is the first way to gather your online activity. Be aware that advertising partners can use cookies, such cookies are used to provide you with ads based on your data that was collected earlier.

Of course, we’ve mentioned only the main arguments. In order to stay private and not to bring harm to your data by installing an unreliable VPN service we recommend reading Reddit users’ opinions first. You will see that they mainly choose paid servers. But which ones? Let’s have a look.

Top 3 VPN for Netflix according Reddit

So, Reddit users pay attention to speeds, trustworthiness and reliability of the servers while choosing a VPN. They evade free VPNs because of low speeds, shady tactics and intrusive ads. Let’s see what VPNs bear all these characteristics.

  • NordVPN. Reddit users rate NordVPN to be the best provider in 2018 for unblocking Netflix. There is one fact that makes NordVPN number one service – it can unblock Netflix even from China! The provider owns obfuscated servers that are able to bypass the Great Firewall. However, sometimes you may find comments that someone has failed to unblock Netflix via NordVPN, but it’s sooner an exception. This VPN also offers a free trial.
  • ExpressVPN. Netflix runs well with this amazing provider too. Reddit users benefit from high speeds, military-grade encryption and robust protocols of ExpressVPN. They also like to mention excellent customer support. The deal is ExpressVPN has live chat and even if your account of ExpressVPN for Netflix is not working, the issue will be solved fast.
  • Private Internet Access VPN. Reddit users write simply - PIA. This VPN is mentioned on Reddit an infinite number of times. Its high speeds and reliability make Private Internet Access the best provider for torrenting. It is also widely used for unblocking Netflix. By the way, PIA manages to do this from every location. Other outstanding features of the VPN that Reddit users appreciate: strict no-logging policy, reasonable price, ad blocking, SOCKS5 proxy and many others.

Conclusion: can you believe people’ thoughts on Reddit?

Reddit users are ordinary people who want to get or share information with others without any profits. They have no purpose to sell or advertise a product, that’s why comments on are reputable for a huge amount of netizens.

Reddit user’s the main viewpoints to the best VPN for Netflix:

  • Free VPNs are untrustworthy;
  • Ads are one of the worst sides of free providers;
  • A secure VPN for Netflix should have robust encryption and a no-logging policy;
  • Speeds are vital;
  • NordVPN, ExpressVPN and PIA VPN are the best services for unblocking Netflix in 2018.

Feel free to contact us in case you have any questions or doubts. Thanks for visiting our website!

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