Netflix Market Promotion: in Search of Subscribers around the World

Netflix is believed to be one of the most mainstream streaming services worldwide. Having started its business as DVD-sending company and engaged into streaming services, it has become popular not only in North America, but far away from the USA’s borders.

We have got interested in Netflix timeline of its market promotion around the globe and decided to share our findings with you. We hope you will enjoy reading our today’s post.

What was the first country that got access to Netflix?

Well, Netflix started its expansion with the country which borders the USA. Have you guessed it? Of course, it was Canada. It was lucky enough to ‘’taste’’ Netflix the next after the US. The offered low enough price appealed to a weighty number of future subscribers, but later they got disappointed as the US catalogue for Netflix was 5 times richer in comparison with that for Canada (though, Canadians paid the same price for subscribing).

Nevertheless, the population of Canada was active in subscribing for Netflix, and by 2014 the total number of Canadian members reached 5.8 million.

Netflix reaches Latin America in 2011

One of the largest Netflix market promotion campaigns was planned in 2011, and the company was going to initialize streaming services on the Latin market. Brazil became the first in the region that obtained access to Netflix services. Then Netflix was offered in 4 more countries: Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

It was not so easy to develop the business of streaming services there, because the region was lacking for broadband Internet, which didn’t contribute to rapid growth. Moreover, the streaming service itself was a new concept and as the result, they considered it in a skeptical way. Still, the expansion in Latin America moved slowly, but steadily.

2012: Netflix is in Europe

The year of 2012 was pretty prominent for Netflix market promotion. Why? Netflix streaming services got available in Europe. The company started with the UK and Ireland at the beginning of the year, by September the population of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden also had the opportunity to subscribe for Netflix.

Just in a year, UK and Ireland Netflix collected one million of members, which is even faster than it had been in Canada. First, they suggested a limited offer for a low price, but after a detailed analysis of European demands, Netflix added video-content from Channel 4, ITV and the BBC. The service has gained the largest popularity in the UK where every tenth household has subscribed by 2014. As you can see it is extremely popular there.

Netflix is available for Netherlands in 2013

In 2013 Netflix gained more new followers in Netherlands, and it was the only country that was added to the list of the territories where Netflix streaming services are spread.

What happened in 2014?

The next year Netflix expansion was renewed, and the company managed to reach Belgium, Austria, France, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

France behaved rather skeptically in relation to Netflix. The country pays strong attention to cultural media, trying to keep so-called ‘’cultural exception’’ of France. In response to it, Netflix produced its original series ‘’Marseille’’, first non-English show.

Netflix opens new horizons in 2015

It was announced that Australia, New Zealand and Japan could access Netflix catalogue from the year of 2015. It means that Netflix has become feasible on all the continents. As far as China is concerned, it hasn’t been reported that Netflix can be available there, although, entering the online video-market of China is being discussed. (Who knows how long it will take…)

Netflix expansion came back to Europe the same year with entering to Italia, Portugal and Spain.

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