Netflix blocks VPNs and Proxies: is it true?

Everybody knows that Netflix content is not equal for countries-users, and it is said that US Netflix offers more films and television programs for the same price as in comparison with UK Netflix, for instance. Unsatisfied subscribers, who want to reach more Netflix content, have wondered whether it is real to watch US Netflix from their location, and in what way it can be achieved.

As Netflix Terms of Service says, one can watch its video-content from the country where his or her Netflix account was created or within geographical borders where Netflix service is offered and movies are licensed. So, when you perform connecting to Netflix, its server checks whether your IP belongs to the country of Netflix version you are going to use or not. If it is different, you simply can’t get access to it. That is why you device has to be located in the US if you intend to take use of American Netflix content. Will you travel to the USA just to stream films restricted for your country? Isn’t it crazy?

Over the last years, Netflix subscribers have been trying to bypass geo-restrictions by using various unblocking services and tools, such as Proxy, VPNs and even TORs (but the last is believed to be unsuitable for streaming services, because it slows down internet connections too much). They are applied to fake real IP addresses into those that would unlock desired Netflix content, including US catalogue.

Nevertheless, Netflix claimed it would block VPN and proxy connections, intending to stop people from watching unlicensed for their territory films or shows.

Indeed, a lot people are receiving the following message when they apply proxies or VPNs to unblock Netflix:

Of course, there are popular alternatives that let users download free movies, but we are here to deal with Netflix access.

‘’You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy, Please, turn off any of these services and try again. ‘’

It is worth saying that Netflix can identify unblockers without difficulties in case of multiple usage of shared IP addresses. At least, dedicated IPs may guarantee a certain level of confidentiality.

Still, what can be done? Are there any tools that still work to unblock Netflix? As Netflix is actively trying to crack such kinds of access to its catalogue, one may find various posts on the issue. One of the effective tools that seem to be working is believed to be a smart VPN service which doesn’t need installing any additional soft programs.

What does it give?

  • A user has to change DNS settings of the device. Before connecting to Netflix, the traffic is routed to the US VPN server.
  • Having an American IP address, UA version is open for accessing it.
  • The procedure doesn’t require any clients, which means that it can be used for various devices, even for smart TVs and gaming consoles.

How to choose a good Netflix VPN?

As it was mentioned above, lots of Netflix users receive a warning message while using a Netflix VPN. How to find a Netflix VPN provider that won’t be revealed by Netflix company? What features or functions to search for in Netflix VPN?

  • US VPN servers (You will fail to unblock American Netflix if you are not connected via US IP address).
  • Military-grade encryption and reliable data transfer protocols (Your Netflix traffic will be protected against snooping).
  • No-logging (One of the most essential features for any kind of VPNs, including Netflix VPN).
  • Additional features (Such functions as NATFirewall, DNS leak protection, spit tunneling and kill switch will provide you with extra opportunities for safety and privacy).
  • Fast speeds (If a VPN slows down internet connections, you won’t be able to stream Netflix movies without buffering).

All in all, a good Netflix VPN can:

  • Unblock American Netflix via its US servers without being revealed by Netflix;
  • codify all traffic passed through Netflix with reliable enrption;
  • provide 100% privacy while visiting Netflix or watching Netflix shows and movies;
  • stream Netflix movies at high speeds.
  • ensure with additional level of privacy and protection on the network.

Can free VPN unblock Netflix?

It seems to be 50/50. Taking into consideration that even paid VPN services are often identified by Netflix company (it has been mentioned above, the identified VPN user will see the error message), what can we say about free VPNs.

What about the best free VPN? ‘’Best free VPN’’ stands for the one ranked as the best among free VPN services.

Such free VPN app can be compared with the paid ones. The best free VPN should:

  • Have lots if VPN servers and IP addresses to be able to change them.
  • Encrypt the traffic when it is passed through the network so that ISPs won’t see what you do online or hackers to steal this personal information.
  • Follow no-logging policy which means that they do not keep customer’ logs.

What’s the conclusion?

Free VPN services are something that can’t promise you stable reliable results: it can work or not. If privacy is obligatory for you, you’d better avoid free VPN. You need to realize that ‘’free’’ is not always quality!

Still, you can try and share your experience with what best free VPN have you tried to unblock Netflix? Leave us a comment below!

If you have any questions or think the information provided needs updating or corrections, feel free to contact us via our contact form on the website. Thanks for visiting us!


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