Want to watch all films and television programs online?

 Netflix affords you such an opportunity!

What is Netflix anyway?

Netflix is a modern popular provider of films and TV-shows streaming online. Its history dates back to the year of 1997, when it was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. The company has shown a wonderful world of films, TV-series and shows first to the USA, and by the year of 2013, it has become available for more than 190 countries around the globe. Due to its huge collection of the web content, it is extremely popular nowadays and followed by millions of subscribers.

Netflix company went the extra mile and started producing their original ‘’Netflix’’ content. The debut TV series was ‘’House of Cards’’ and since then it has produced a number of mainstream series and films loved by their subscribers.

Why is Netflix so popular?

Netflix is easy and convenient to use on a computer, tablet, laptop, smartphone or TV. It is especially popular among the youngsters between 16 and 25 years old, and that is because of the multiple devices on which it is offered. Another reason for popularity is the easiness of its usage. You can stream one episode after another without any additional settings. Isn’t it comfortable? A rich collection of Netflix films and TV shows deserves particular emphasis. Any netizen is able to find an excellent movie to watch. . A functional and attractive web design is an additional advantage for being popular.

How can you use Netflix online?

Once having subscribed for the Netflix services, it is easy to take advantage of it via an average web-browser or a special app developed for various platforms, such as Mac, Android, iOS and other devices. The system of entering is the same as that on their official website. One needs to log in and enjoy favorite TV shows as if he or she was at home. They simply need to go to the website of Netflix. Still, one should know some Netflix tips to have even better experience.

Where is Netflix accessible?

Being an American company, it was first provided for the USA only, but by now it has extended its borders and the citizens of North America and South America, a number of European countries and not so long ago in Australia and New Zealand. Still, in order to access a full American version, you will need Netflix VPN.

How can you join Netflix?

Accessing Netflix online streaming collection is pretty easy as a user just needs to visit their official website and subscribe for one of the plans paid monthly. The process of subscribing is dead easy and doesn’t take much time. The service can be canceled whenever you want.

How large is Netflix catalogue?

Netflix tends to enlarge the collection of streaming video-content, constantly updating it with all-new films and television shows. Since Netflix produces its own original content, one can obtain access to even more shows and movies. One can find any possible genre in Netflix film catalogue: dramas, comedies, horror films, cartoons and many others. All in all, you may go to its website and find the best Netflix movies.

Can Netflix help you to choose the content?

Netflix has access to the biggest database of users’ preferences as the number of its subscribers is constantly increasing. When you watch movies and shows and rank them, further Netflix suggest you the content you might like in order to make you interested in them and involve you in watching.

You may try Netflix for free

Netflix company understands that customers would rather testify the service before subscribing for it on a paid basis. That is why they offer a free trial before you pay for the plan.

Being a giant of streaming services, Netflix is moving around the world to popularize streaming ad-free quality content among internet users. As the company claims you may watch anywhere with Netflixm and it is dead convenient, indeed. Whether you live in North America or Australia, Europe or Asia, you have a great chance to obtain membership for Netflix.

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