To set up any of the following, head over to the contact page or send an email to webmaster. Payments are payable by paypal only. If you'd like to know a little bit more about Zilla Designs before you enlist our services, check out the about page. All prices are final, but you may also pay a monthly fee (which is negotiable)

Site Maintenance

Have a website but don't have the time/skill to properly update files, information, etc.? Well then this service is for you. For a small hourly fee, I will perform updates on your site based on your requirements.

Cost: $25/hour *

PSD Slicing

Want your PSD (or other graphic format) file to be turned into a full blown XHTML/CSS webpage? Then I'm the guy to do it. PSD or Fireworks PNG are the prefered formats, but I will also slice and convert non-fireworks PNGs, BMPs, and JPEGs.

Cost: $35/hour *

Table-to-CSS Conversion

If you're still using tables and you want to "upgrade" to a CSS layout, but don't have the time or patience, let me do it for you. For $50, I'll teach you how to do it on your own.

Cost: $30/hour *

Free Hosting

The free hosting is available only for web designers who intend to use the space to host a personal web page . In other words...Web Designers Only! If you provide me with $10 (via paypal only) I'll register a domain name for you ($7 for the domain, $3 for labor costs). Or you can choose business web hosting provider by yourself.



*- Minimum of one hour's pay is charged regardless of time spent working on project. Payments are to be made through paypal only. Checks will be accepted under certain circumstances, but no work will begin until check is processed.

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