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Netflix vs. Hulu: Which is Better?

Up-to-date streaming services have presented great opportunities for netizens to ‘’dip into’’ the amazing world of films online from everywhere they would desire. Among the endless number of companies offering services of this kind, Netflix and Hulu can be called streaming ‘’giants’’ on the market. Why are they in mainstream now? Which one is the…
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Netflix blocks VPNs and Proxies: is it true?

Everybody knows that Netflix content is not equal for countries-users, and it is said that US Netflix offers more films and television programs for the same price as in comparison with UK Netflix, for instance. Unsatisfied subscribers, who want to reach more Netflix content, have wondered whether it is real to watch US Netflix from…
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Netflix Market Promotion: in Search of Subscribers around the World

Netflix is believed to be one of the most mainstream streaming services worldwide. Having started its business as DVD-sending company and engaged into streaming services, it has become popular not only in North America, but far away from the USA’s borders. We have got interested in Netflix timeline of its market promotion around the globe…
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